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Ski Field

Rainbow Valley resort ski resort is located in the central mountains, lush trees, winter Snow gleams white. and fresh air, blue cloud day. The ski area of about 16000 square meters, with high, middle and junior track and children skiing, parks and other single board. Among them, there are 1 primary snow roads, 800 meters, 2 Intermediate snow roads, 750 meters, 1 high-grade snow roads, 850 meters, 200 meters in children's area. Snow field also has snowfield football, ski circle, snowy flying saucer, snowfield motorcycle, Mara skis, cross-country skiing and other games, and employ domestic first-class expert coaches to provide skiing guidance for tourists.

Ski resorts, such as snow mountain clubs and other entertainment facilities, can receive hundreds of people at the same time to have snow mountain vacations. It is a good place to feel the charm of ski resort in nature. The perfect combination of ice snow and hot spring will become the biggest feeling of Rainbow Valley Ski Resort.