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"The bubble pool is empty, the valley is murmur. Fort Jade Spring Chung, ancient Mega fame. The sliding ladder plays the water, and Tang Wang well keeps his life. Caves viewing, bathing the aboriginal situation". In April, Zhen Guan nineteen years, for the stability of the frontier, Li Shimin personally rate the army's eastward expedition, to the city of the city, to get water to stop thirst, take the hot springs to remove the army and horse Laughton, win, Hong Xi Valley Hot Springs edge this name.

The water temperature at the outlet of the Rainbow Valley Valley is above 90 C, and its reserves, area and water temperature are the highest in Northeast China, which is rare in China. The water quality inspection center of the National hot spring mine: the water quality of the Hong Xi Valley hot spring is pure and rich in a variety of trace elements, such as metasilicate, lithium, thorium, radon and so on. It has a magical effect on medical rehabilitation, health care and physical fitness. In 2016, the Rainbow Valley Valley Hot Springs won the highest honor of the country, the five star hot spring.

Located in the natural forest valley of the small town, Hong Xi Valley hot spring is composed of 168 indoor and outdoor hot spring bubbles and a hot spring Club platform. The bubble pool is distributed in the three ridges and four gullies, and can accommodate four thousand people in the same bath at the same time. The daily reception capacity is more than 10000 people. In the forest bath, you can feel the brooding, the birdsong, and the smell of the soil and vegetation in the natural forest.

We can meet the flickering flower red; in the valley of the spring, we can see the willow green in the wind; the cave fairy spring is the fairyland in the cave, the stream ripples around the ripples, the waterfall shows the wonders; Hai Quan is located in the middle of the mountain, allowing you to look at the bathing at the same time as the Lin Haimei view.