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Silapu spa town

Early to wake up, you can take a small town sightseeing train to enjoy the cascade of mountains, more than a hundred varieties of taste different thousand acres of orchard, overlooking the rippling Bohai Bay winter. You can also take the Silapu spa town ski resort is one of the most famous cable car lines Cableway, climbing to the top of the hill. Standing on the top of the hill, or already sliding, you can overlook the full view of Bohai Bay and overlook the town. There is no noisy traffic. Only the birdsong or the wind on the ear in the empty snow field, any other movement will disturb the rhythm of the natural harmony. The brave warriors in the hot spring town of scarcity are not only prepared for the largest equestrian field in the northeast, but also equipped with a 10 kilometer long race track in the original nature of the mountain, allowing you to truly appreciate the life of the great men and explore the true meaning of freedom.

Mountains, lakes, and greens are full of leisure and interest, so that they can live in the romantic life of modern art. Mountain, lake, green, green, the perceptual taste of the humanistic architecture, such as a group of green melodic flow, beautiful, bright, without the heavy, like the first small poems, casual and free. A lyrical afternoon in Silapu spa town, life, taste and appreciation.

On the mountain, the glory of the new product apartment is pushed in the rhyme of 12 square kilometers of mountain and sea. The land is not only the building; the building is not only the residence, but also under the mountain, the nature, the calm, the calm, the art, the harmony... "... watching mountain, enjoying the lake, looking at the green, with the first international mountain golf course designed by the master design master of the world stadium, the 2 phase of the spring town of scarcity - a new product apartment," the sound of nature, the king of the view in the small town. " Hot springs, Mountain Golf and golf are three rare resources, which are complementary to each other. It is the only collection of apartments in the northeast, which is a collection of "mountain residence, greens and lakes".

The mountain has an agreement, and the taste of the house is the first ray of sunshine through the skyline of the town of spa hot springs, the mountain style in the dawn, with a brand new expression; greeting the coming of a new day. Silapu spa town 2 new - Zhen dilute mountain villa, near the water, looking green, is rare in Sheung Shui treasure home. The four leaping five house products make each household with larger lighting surface, better ventilation, larger indoor residential area and larger auxiliary area, compact layout and clear function. Heart, body movement. Goods, goods, pinzhen dilute water mountain villa.