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Golf Club

The Rainbow Creek Valley Hot Spring Golf Club is the exquisite ornament of the entire holiday resort. This international competition class, designed by the famous American designer Mr. Mark Hanson, covers an area of 1200 acres of mountain courts with a total length of 7311 yards. The master clutches the local natural features and cleverly outlines the gentle and gentle hills. . The classic overall design highlights many obstacles and ups and downs, which make every hole distinctive. The perfect combination of natural vegetation and unique sand pits and water barriers, the green line and the changing speed of the American green, bring surprises and new challenges for every player. The stadium is more wonderful, stand at every tee, overlooking the mountains to Greenview, give people a pleasant enjoyment.

Hong Xi Valley Hot Spring Golf Club Golf Club

Hong Xi Valley Hot Spring Golf Club Club, the grand atmosphere, the club has restaurants, cafes, business talks room, conference room, monopoly shop, dressing room and other supporting facilities, and the first private hot spring bubble pool in the first golf club in the province, while you enjoy the high ball sports belt to you happy, but also enjoy the temperature. The spring water gives you the ease and comfort.