Cultural journey

Qingshanxiushui blessed health beautiful rainbow Valley


Understanding the cultural journey of Hong Xi Valley

Yingkou Rainbow Valley Hot Spring Resort is located in Gaizhou Town, Yingkou Province, Liaoning province. It is adjacent to the coastal city Bayuquan, and is only 5 kilometers away from Bayuquan center. The resort is 8 kilometers away from Harbin Dalian high speed rail Bayuquan station, 5 kilometers away from Bayuquan Shenyang Expressway and 30 kilometers away from YINGKOU LANQI AIRPORT. Its location is very convenient. The resort has excellent geographical location and obvious location advantages. This is a warm and tropical marine climate. It has no hot summer and cold winter. It has been a tourist attraction since ancient times. It is named for mountain Hai Quan.
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The origin of the hot spring in the Rainbow Valley
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